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Youth Basketball 2023-2024

For players in grades 3-12

The intent of this program is to teach the game of basketball while developing skills, teamwork, and fair play in a positive and relaxed environment. Learning while having fun is a primary goal of this program.


Please Note

Players may play in both our league and other organized leagues except for Varsity interscholastic players. They are not eligible for the in-house youth basketball league.

People who are interested in participating in a high school team are encouraged to register for our program. Those who are selected for an interscholastic program will be given a full refund.


If registered on or before 10/19:


If registered after 10/19:


(if space is available)**



** Anyone registering after the draft of their respective division will be accepted at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Department and NOT only will have to pay the late fee to play but also won't be placed on a team until after January 6th, 2024. A team will be assigned to the player at the sole discretion of the Parks & Recreation Department and conflict days will not be considered.

Player Evaluations

In an effort to roster the teams evenly, each participant (grades 3-8) is required to attend a mandatory player evaluation.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Please click the button below to read our zero tolerance policy for youth basketball 2023:

Registration Begins: Sept 13

Late Registration: October 20

First Practice: Week of Nov. 27

Games (tentatively): Saturday, Dec 9


Players may submit two days of the week as a conflict day, but this does not guarantee that they will not have practice on those days. Be sure to fill in the conflict days in the appropriate spot on the registration form or during online registration. Individuals with multiple conflict days should not register for this program.

Practice Conflicts

Junior Boys (3&4): 411001-A1

Junior Girls (3&4): 411001-A2

Intermediate Boys (5&6): 411001-A3

Intermediate Girls (5&6): 411001-A4

Senior Boys (7&8): 411001-A5

Senior Girls (7&8): 411001-A6

Master Boys (9&10): 411001-A7

Master Girls (9-12): 411001-A8

Veteran Boys (11&12): 411001-A9

Registration Information

Scores & Standings

Junior divisions: Scores and standings will not be kept. All players will receive participation awards.

All other divisions: League standings will be kept and awards will be presented to league and playoff champions.


Are you interested in being a volunteer coach? Please call the Recreation Office at (914)232-6162 or e-mail Michael at  All head coaches are selected by the Recreation Department.


A notification system will allow families to know when rosters are posted, when practices and games are scheduled and/or cancelled, when picture day is, and any other pertinent information in regards to basketball.

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