• PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY: The intent of this program is to teach the game of basketball while developing skills, teamwork and fair play in a positive and relaxed environment. Learning, while having fun is a primary goal of this program.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Children may play in both our league and other organized leagues except for Varsity interscholastic players. They are not eligible for the in-house youth basketball league. People who are interested in participating in a high school team are encouraged to register for our program. Those who are selected for an interscholastic program will be given a full refund.

  • PRACTICE CONFLICTS: Players may submit two days of the week as a conflict day, which guarantees they will not have practice on those days. Be sure to fill in the conflict days in the appropriate spot on the registration form or during online registration. Individuals with multiple conflict days should not register for this program.

  • IMPORTANT TENTATIVE DATES: Practice will start the week of December 2nd and games are scheduled for Saturday, December 14th


  • SCORES AND STANDINGS – 3rd and 4th grade divisions - Scores and standings will not be kept. All players will receive participation awards. All other divisions and ages - League standings will be kept and awards will be presented to league and playoff champions.

  • PROGRAM NOTE: A notification system will allow families to know when rosters are posted, when practices and games are scheduled and/or cancelled, when picture day is and any other pertinent information in regards to basketball.


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