Spring 2021

Note: For all programs we will be observing CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 such as social distancing, facial covering, and will supply hand sanitizer to all participants and staff.

Pre-K Art

Join us in this fun and dynamic class as students begin to develop their creativity, sharpen fine motor skills, and build confidence! Each week we will experiment with different media including; oil pastel; watercolor; chalk pastel; clay; and more. Watch as your child creates unique and special works of art!  

FOR:                                     Boys and Girls, ages 2-5

WHERE:                               Lewisboro Town Park Pavilion

WHEN:                                 Wednesdays, 8 weeks, April 14th – June 2nd           

TIME:                                    2:00PM – 3:00PM            

FEE:                                      $160.00

ACTIVITY #:                          210202-C1

Robotics 101

We will go over the basics of circuitry and then jump into the world of building! Gears turn and grind in our RoverBot. Batteries and circuits work together to move our robots across desks! Every week is a new build and play project!

FOR:                    Boys and Girls in grades 1-5

WHERE:               Lewisboro Town Park Pavilion

WHEN:                Mondays, 8 weeks, April 12th – June 7th  

                             (no class 5/31) 

TIME:                   4:30PM - 5:30PM            

FEE:                      $160.00

ACTIVITY #:        210204-A1

STEM Transportation

The world is constantly on the go all around us! Join us as we engineer and build cars, planes, boats, coasters and something out of this world! Through our studies of energy we will learn how to make our vehicles move at different speeds, and to great heights. 

FOR:                                     Boys and Girls in grades K-5

WHERE:                               Lewisboro Town Park Pavilion

WHEN:                                 Thursdays, 8 weeks, April 15th – June 3rd  

TIME:                                    4:30PM-5:30PM               

FEE:                                       $160.00

ACTIVITY #:                          210204-B1

Famous 20th Century Artists

Join us this spring as we spotlight famous artists and gain inspiration from their work. We will learn about Piet Mondrian, Alexander Calder, Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and more! We will explore different media and styles throughout the session. Students will begin to explore their own creativity and make lots of fun and unique projects each week!      

FOR:                                    Boys and Girls in grades K-5

WHERE:                               Lewisboro Town Park Pavilion

WHEN:                                Wednesdays, 8 weeks, April 14th – June 2nd   

TIME:                                   4:30PM – 5:30PM

FEE:                                     $160.00

ACTIVITY #:                         210202-D1


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