Preserves will open on Saturday, May 16th with Restrictions

Preserves will open on Saturday, May 16th

Parking lots are limited to the following spaces in their respective preserves:

  • Brownell - 5 vehicles

  • Old Field - 5 vehicles 

  • Leon Levy - 14 vehicles

  • Onatru - 6 vehicles 

Parking will only be permitted in the parking lots. There will be no parking on grass, alongside local roads or state routes - tickets will be given if you violate these rules.

Preserves will be open to residents only. 

When using the preserves we ask that users maintain social distancing (6 feet) and we strongly encourage all visitors to use face masks/coverings, limit touch, wear gloves and use hand sanitizer for their own safety. 

Some preserves will have directional signs up to make sure that everyone uses the loops in the same direction to avoid passing each other. 

At this time, there will be no other group gatherings or activities of any kind permitted. 

We have removed all trash receptacles so please carry in and carry out. 

Don't forget that your furry family members must be leashed at all times on Town Properties. 

After we have determined that our limited access preserve policies are working sufficiently, we will move to open the preserves fully.

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