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Lewisboro Playground Improvement Project

Playground Design:

The design of the new playground is aimed at creating a safe modern play space for children of all ages and abilities. The design specifically welcomes children with differing physical and emotional needs. The playground is divided into two areas, one geared towards younger children and those with physical disabilities and another directed at older children, creating opportunities for more advanced play.

What the corporation needs:

1. Community Involvement! They need your input, your ideas and your help; and they need volunteers to help spread the word to their friends and family!

2. Funding. An estimate of project cost is approximately $600,000. This number seems huge at first but would only require a donation of less than $40 from every citizen of Lewisboro. 

3. Assistance from local businesses. Do you own a local business and want to contribute to an important cause in your backyard? Our playground will permanently acknowledge businesses and donors contributions through various sponsorship opportunities.

“This park is so Mesozoic era…”


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