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Tom Rizzotti, the John Jay Varsity Volleyball coach with assistance from Christina Hafkemeyer the current assistant coach as well as current John Jay players will head up this clinic.  This clinic is an introductory program to the game of volleyball.  Each participant will learn the basics of the game including rules, how to serve, pass, set and spike.  There will be fun drills to partake in as well as scrimmages at the end of each clinic.  All athletes get a free t-shirt as well. 

FOR:            Girls, grades 3 – 6  

WHERE:       JJMS New Gym

WHEN:        Wednesdays, 5 sessions, March 9th – April 6th  

TIME:           6:00pm-7:15pm

FEE:             $100.00

ACTIVITY #: 111701-A1

NOTE:         Please wear a t-shirt, shorts, sneakers and bring a water bottle

                    Masks are required at all times while in KLSD school buildings.

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