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Fall 2022





Sessions will be held at ONATRU FARM PARK – FIELDS #3 and 4


Makeups: Sundays, October 16th & 23rd


PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY:  The intent of this program is to introduce youngsters to the game of softball/baseball through clinical instruction.  Emphasis will be placed on skills development in a positive and relaxed environment.  The main priority of this program is learning while having fun.  Scores and standings will not be kept at this level.  Player participation awards will be distributed to all youngsters at the conclusion of the season.


BALL:  The official ball will be the 9" Tee Ball. 


ROSTER:  Official rosters cannot be amended without permission from the Recreation Office.


PRACTICES/PLAYING TIME LIMIT: Time slotted for 1 and ½ hours – 30 minute practice and 60 minute "scrimmage" on Saturdays as scheduled.


HITTING:  Is done off of the tee.  There is no pitching.  Each player receives 4 non-contact swings.


BATTERS:  Every player per team bats each inning. Last batter ALWAYS gets a homerun.


DEAD BALL/END OF INNING:  In all such situations when the ball (caught or uncaught) crosses the radius of the pitcher's area, the umpire (coach) calls "dead ball" and the runners cannot advance unless they are more than half-way to the next base.  On the last batter, a run cannot score if a forced out is made.


OVERTHROWS:  No extra bases on overthrows.


PLAYER POSITIONING:  Two (2) defensive players are permitted to be in the pitcher's area on each side of the coach and no farther forward.  Four players in one of the traditional positions and all other players must be positioned beyond the bases.  All players not in the field must stay in the bench area.


UNIFORM:  Players must wear assigned uniforms (team tee shirt and hat).


COACHES:  Three (3) defensive coaches are permitted on the field, one on each side of the field, between the infielders and outfielders, and one on the pitchers mound for the purpose of verbal support.  Coach of team at bat acts as the catcher and can assist the batter (stance).


INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Cancellation information will be available on Saturdays, on our website or our Facebook page: Lewisboro Parks and Recreation.

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